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We get some great feedback from farmers and contractors about our crop sprayers and service.
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“Bateman, to me, are the Rolls Royce of sprayers”

David White
RB26 Sprayer Operator, Huntstreet Farm, Kent

“A fantastic machine - I love it.”

Richard Fox
RB35 Sprayer Operator, HVR Smith & Co, Leominster, Herefordshire

“For a big machine the RB55 doesn’t feel that big when you’re behind the wheel. It’s smooth to drive and everything is at your fingertips which makes the job easy.”

Tom Povall
Tom Povall, Arable Farmer, Shropshire

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“The RB35 does exactly what I want from a sprayer and is a very enjoyable machine to drive.”

Ian Williams
Ian Williams, Arable Farmer, Shropshire

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“After moving away from Bateman for a few years, when it came to renewal of our sprayer I wanted a machine that I actually looked forward to driving. That decision was easy, I returned to Bateman.”

Rupert Inkpen
Farmer & Contractor, Solihull, West Midlands

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“I know a lot of people who have always run Bateman sprayers and swear by them, so I thought we ought to see one for ourselves and arranged a demo. Now, one of the most pleasurable jobs on the farm is driving the Bateman sprayer.”

Dunmore Hind
Arable Farmer, Stamford, Lincolnshire

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“I run an RB35 and am delighted with the performance of the machine and the back up from Bateman. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve just ordered the new RB35 and I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel.”

Mark Turner
Arable Farmer, Rise Farms, Hull, East Yorkshire

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“As a contractor you often get into situations which really test the machine and when I’ve come out of them intact, as I always do, I say Thank you Mr Bateman”

Mike Harlow
Contractor, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

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“Our Bateman has over 10,000 hours on the clock and is still spraying 10,000 acres a year with ease. It's a fantastic machine.”

Bob Shelswell
Arable Farmer and contract sprayer, Warwickshire

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