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Bateman Engineering Ltd design and manufacturer Bateman Sprayers. We are based in the UK.

The Bateman Sprayer RB range of agricultural crop sprayers has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards for arable farmers and vegetable growers.

Following over 20 years of manufacturing the successful Hi-Lo range of self-propelled sprayers, the Bateman RB range was introduced in early 1996. it was ahead of its time, a great success, and a benchmark for the new range introduced mid 2006 from when the whole range was brought up to date, improving operator comfort with the new cab and controls, while maintaining the major unique features synonymous of a Bateman. The whole process of design is ever evolving, it never stands still.

All design and fabrication of chassis, booms, cabs, and tanks are all carried out “in house”.


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Bateman Engineering Ltd

Head Office for Service & Parts

North Devon
EX18 7DS
Tel: 01769 580 439
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Jonathan Hardy

Technical Sales Manager (North)

Office: 01673 838147
Mobile: 07971 966734
Fax: 0044 1673 410011
E-mail: jhardy@batemansprayers.com


Piers Van Mol (Ginger)

Technical Sales Manager (South)

Office: 01403 732211
mobile: 07973 369281
Fax: 01403 734913
E-mail: piers@batemansprayers.com